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Phoenix8 - crypto service


This is a fund with complex approach to investments in cryptocurrency trading, as well as with investments in most profitable ICO, and top perspective cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

We offer a safe and automated service based on telegram bot, to avoid many of possible problems.

Benefits of Phoenix8

We help you to save time required to study and analyze the ICO market, and that of perspective currencies.

You get the possibility of investing not only in Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also in other types of currency, as well as in fiat money, by using the service with proven reliability.

We offer a reliable and guaranteed profit in cryptocurrencies at the rate of 2% per day.

From this point on, you will no longer need to think of where to get large amounts of money, or of where to find pools to invest in ICO.

You will have access to your funds at all times, and be able to obtain interest on a daily basis, thanks to the automated processes in our telegram bot.

6 tasks solved by Phoenix8


Storage of cryptocurrency in a reliable and protected environment


Guaranteed income from storage of cryptocurrency at the rate of 2% per day within 6 months

Purchase / sale

Purchase and sale of popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Bitcoincash at most favorable prices


You can buy cryptocurrencies via most convenient payment systems, in dollars, euros, and more.


You can exchange cryptocurrencies inside the service at a low fee.


Cryptocurrency is always working and yielding passive profit. You get a double advantage, by earning profit not only from the natural exchange rate.

Advantages of Phoenix8

Phoenix8 is an original product whose service is gaining popularity in many countries.

Having made an investment, each user of the service receives 2% per day and during 6 months

Profits calculator

Profit per 1 month
Profit per 6 months


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How to register in theservice Phoenix8

Download and install the best protected telegram messenger in your PC or smartphone

Install our telegram bot that is used for making transactions. To install the bot, press the Check in button

Make a deposit and start receiving daily payments automatically


Why we use telegram in our business

This is the best protected messenger offering all conditions for automation of business processes. It is also very convenient for our clients, as we carry our smartphones with us all the time.



18 Jan 2019 - 1:25(PM)

Today we have developed and connected Auto-reinvest. This new feature will give you the opportunity to earn even more in our fund!

When yo...

We Accept DASH cryptocurrency

17 Jan 2019 - 5:30(PM)

Development and multifunctionality is the key to the comfort of our investors. Today we have another update of our service. We added for repleni...

14 Jan 2019 - 11:33(PM)
Maximum development
29 Dec 2018 - 7:19(PM)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Vacation time!
27 Dec 2018 - 2:36(PM)
We have accepted the payment system Payeer!
24 Dec 2018 - 8:29(PM)
8% bonus for adding funds
19 Dec 2018 - 5:26(PM)
We accept Perfect Money
3 Nov 2018 - 7:49(PM)
Global updating scheduled for
8 Oct 2018 - 3:15(PM)
We care of you!


1 What is the phoenix8?

This is a fund offering a complex approach to trading of cryptocurrencies, as well as to investing in most profitable ico and top perspective cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum, etc.).

We offer a completely safe and automated service to save you many extra efforts.

2 How to register in phoenix8?

For this, activate our telegram bot in your device, after which you will be automatically registered.

3 What are profits from participating in phoenix8?

Our fund guarantees you a daily profit from investments at the rate of 2%, with no days off!

4 How to deposit?

Select a cryptocurrency or a payment system, set the number of coins or fiat money, then press “Pay” button. Our bot will then automatically redirect you to the payment server.

5 What cryptocurrencies and payment systems are accepted by phoenix8?

phoenix8 accepts all of most popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Perfect money, Payeer, VISA, Mastercard

6 What is the minimal amount of investment?

The minimal amount of investment is 20 US dollars, 0,2 eth, 0.005 btc, 0,8 ltc, 1200 RUB

7 What is the maximum number of deposits?

Working with our fund, you can have an unlimited number of deposits.

8 Does the phoenix8 have a referral system?

Yes, the referral system comprises 10% of the deposit of your referral.

9 How to receive the money earned?

You can receive any money earned via the payment system you used for replenishment, or via the exchanger.

10 What is the mode of payments in phoenix8?

Our service offers the possibility of instant payment of any funds earned.

11 What is the minimal amount for payment?

The minimal amount of payment is 1 US dollar, on VISA and Mastercard RUB cards the minimum withdrawal is 1000RUB

12 What are the protection measures for the fund, the site and the bot of phoenix8?

Our website is protected by the most modern encryption methods, and integration of telegrams into our service has become one of the important factors for protecting the script from scammers and hackers. The fund servers are protected by the world's best companies from DDoS.

13 What is Auto-reinvest and how to use it?

When you connect this function, all your profits will be added to the existing deposit, and the next profit accrual will be charged on the new deposit amount. So our system generates a complex percentage of profit. You can enable Auto-reinvest in the "My Investments" section, for each deposit separately. Auto-reinvestment is activated once for the entire term of the deposit, it cannot be disabled! You can calculate profit with the included Auto-reinvest in the calculator on our website
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